A Life In Cancelled Checks

Spyder Darling
2 min readNov 10, 2023

It’s all over but the shredding

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A Life In Cancelled Checks

By Spyder Darling

You never really know someone

Until you have to go through their stuff

After they’ve shaken off the ol’ mortal heating coil

And you’re the only one left

The only son of an only son

Bank statements

Mortgage payments

Life insurance premiums

Electric bills ad nauseam

Common charges

Charitable donations

Credit card receipts

Theater tickets

My Fair Lady even

Union dues

Retirement accounts

Car repair receipts from ten years ago

For a Buick that was long since sold

Miscellaneous reports

From golden years cut short

A tangled web of paper clips

Broken rubber bands

And clocks with long stopped hands

Decades of tax returns

Make the shredder churn

1099s and documents in kind

Dividends and distributions

Important information

Required minimums

Could fill a hole to China

It’s a wonder he found time

To go to the diner

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