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  • Oyewumi Oyeyemi Taiwo

    Oyewumi Oyeyemi Taiwo

    Oyewumi Oyeyemi T. is a proud Nigerian who sees people from every where world wide as one and believe in holistic evaluation of issues.

  • kanchan chauhan

    kanchan chauhan

    Kanchan is an innovative author and also a professional photographer. She produces from her ranch in country India and the ranch’s rolling areas & wealth.

  • A M Fahim

    A M Fahim

    I am a crypto trader. Follow me , I will follow back 100%

  • Raja Muhammad Mustansar Javaid

    Raja Muhammad Mustansar Javaid

    Writer | network engineer | Traveler | Biker | Polyglot. I’m so deep even the ocean gets jealous

  • Muhammad Awais Ghani

    Muhammad Awais Ghani

    Passionate reader ,writer ,analytical thinker, Software Engineer and Manager. My major areas of writing are Project Management and Management Sciences.

  • Idea Generator Scientist

    Idea Generator Scientist

    Learn & Earn in Short using our Creative Commons Videos, in return for credit, in your Video hosting Platform’s description section, just by working once a week

  • Elizabeth D. Locke

    Elizabeth D. Locke

    crypto in my drawer

  • mika


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