Newsbreak Followers Wanted

Spyder Darling
2 min readMar 14, 2023

11 more clicks should do the trick!

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Hi, I’m Spyder Darling and you might know me from my signature stories The Tao of Spyder and The Tao of Spyder: Part Deux, or perhaps from my recent Oscars preview And The Winner Is or such movie reviews as Everything Everywhere All At Once and Knock At The Cabin. Of course I’ve written a bunch of other stuff too. Just pick a list and scroll on through.

Anyhoo, I recently started writing on another platform called Newsbreak which is more straight journalism than overstimulated opinion. It’s good writing practice and like Medium, they have a partner program too, to monetize one’s efforts to help keep the beer and pizza supply lines open.

The trick (ain’t there always a trick?) is a writer needs 100 followers to start earning over there and currently I have 84. Close but no Kronenbourg. So it is at this point that I provide a link to my latest story, an informative little piece about the NRDC’s fight to stop oil drilling in the Alaskan wilderness. Please check it out and if you’re a Newsbreak reader, please do the “write” thing and give a fella a Follow.

Thanks in advance and may all your news breaks be good ones!

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