No One But You

Spyder Darling
2 min readOct 20, 2023

And you and you and you

Art: Spyder Darling

For Rolling Stones, T.REX and Johnny Thunders fans. And anyone who has traveled far and wide, looking for the one they should have never left behind.

No One But You

Words & Music by your humble rock and roll narrator Spyder Darling

Hundred thousand miles

‘tween here and there

Both sides of good and bad

You’re the finest lady that I ever met

The best I ever had

Been to Phoenix, Austin, San Anton’

Boston, Buffalo and Idaho

I thought I saw you once in New Orleans

But I had to guess again, ’cause that was a dream

That I had…

No one but you I need to guide me

No one but you I want beside me

No one but you I live and breathe for

No one but you I’d change the sheets for

No one but you…

Been a lot of places and I’ve seen some sights

That just should not be seen

As long as I’ve got you baby by my side



Spyder Darling

Born in upstate New York, raised on Long Island, been some places, done some things, currently living in New York City. You got a problem with that?