Top Five Things I Am Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Spyder Darling
3 min readNov 22, 2023

In no particular new world order

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Whassup everybody! As Thanksgiving, Black Friday and the crap happiest time of year approach, like a confluence of runaway Polar Express trains, what better time to pull the emergency brake and take five to recap the top ten things your humble New York City narrator is most grateful for this year.

So without further ado and before the cranberry sauce burns, let’s quit the prelims and cut to the thanks giving!

  1. Life! Just waking up to take on another day in a positive way is an accomplishment and worthy of a cup of coffee, multivitamin and piece of toast. Avocado optional but tasty.
  2. Health! Having recently recovered from a battle with the Boston Bug, my nickname for a little something I picked up on a recent trip to Bean Town that hung on with Belichick determination, I am pleased as a Stoli sea breeze to be over said setback in time to celebrate Thanksgiving with all the trimmings.
  3. Mobility! Since I’m no longer laid low by the aforementioned malady, I am grateful as heck to be back to my spry as f*ck self and have already started training for my next 5K, wherever that may be. Boston, be concerned. Somewhat concerned.
  4. Strike Settlement! It has been a long lean year for SAG-AFTRA actor/performers like me. First the writers went on strike, justifiably so and that slowed things down. And then in July when SAG started their own picket lines, Hollywood, New York, Atlanta and Fargo became ghost towns as far as the industry was concerned. But thanks to SAG president Fran Drescher and the union's negotiating skills a historic agreement has been reached. An accord that should keep the wheels of production turning and actors earning for at least three years. By which time I will be retired in Mexico, Oscar in hand with a private brand of tequila to rival fellow thespian George Clooney’s cactus juice.
  5. Paying It Foreword! As good as life may be, it doesn’t mean a dozen donut holes if you don’t pay it forward. Every day, in some way, there’s a way you can help make someone else’s day better. Contribute to a friend’s go fund me, pay your “street tax” and give a panhandler a buck for pizza, or just make eye contact and say thank you to whover is finalizing your…



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