Top Tips For Keeping Our Mental Grip

What can we as a society do to avoid coming unglued?

Spyder Darling
4 min readMay 30


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The National Anger Management Association (NAMA) reported in their April newsletter that as the demand for mental health services increases, there is a pressing need for more trained professionals to address this crisis effectively. And to tackle this challenge, it is crucial to expand mental health training and resources in several key areas.

Education and awareness: Increase mental health literacy by incorporating mental health education into school curricula and promoting public awareness campaigns. This can help reduce stigma and improve understanding of mental health issues.

Training mental health professionals: Expand the number of qualified professionals by investing in training and education programs. This includes providing scholarships and financial incentives for students pursuing careers in mental health, as well as offering continuing education opportunities for professionals already in the field.

Community-based training: Equip community health workers, teachers, and other front line workers with prior mental health knowledge and skills, allowing them to identify, support, and refer individuals experiencing mental health challenges.

Cultural competence: Ensure that mental health training programs emphasize cultural competence, enabling professionals to provide care that is sensitive to the needs and values of diverse populations.

Interdisciplinary collaboration: Encourage interdisciplinary training and collaboration among healthcare professionals, such as primary care providers, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and nurses, to ensure comprehensive care for individuals with mental health challenges.

Digital mental health training: Leverage technology to create online training resources, such as webinars, e-learning courses, and virtual conferences, to make mental health education more accessible for professionals and the public.

Policy and funding: Advocate for increased government and private sector investment in mental health training and services, ensuring that resources are available to address the growing demand.



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